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YFU International Exchange is an educational and cultural organization dedicated to
preparing young people for their responsibilities and opportunities in our increasingly
 changing, interdependent world. YFU was founded in 1951 when the US Department of
State asked Dr. RachelAndresen of Ann Arbor, Michigan to locate host families
for 75 German teenagers. Since that time, thousands of families around the world
have opened doors to YFU exchange students. Today YFU operates in over 60 countries.  



The coalition of committed organizations have a common belief: Full cultural immersion is the most effective means to acquire the skills needed to thrive in an increasingly multicultural interconnected and competitive global society. It is only through a year, semester and summer of participation in the day-to-day life of another country, that students can truly absorb a new culture, master a new language, broaden their perspective, learn cross-cultural communication skills- while discovering themselves, gaining the confidence to meet new challenges, developing the insight to see new opportunities, and living the adventure of a lifetime. Only through a YFU home stay experience do students receive the ongoing care, support, and the supervision necessary for a successful academic and family living experience.


In May of 1999, Rev. John Mensah-Acquaye (Country Director) had his first contact with YFU when he launched a search for "International exchange programs" on the web. But it was not until September of 2000 when the first batch of students left the shores of Ghana for the United States of America as young ambassadors of the ‘motherland’. Since then YFU Ghana has continued sending students to Belgium, Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland. In summer 2006 we received our first inbound student from Belgium.

The organization is growing rapidly with a permanent staff of four and numerous volunteers spread across the    

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